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Streamline Government Processes While Maintaining Our Historic Architecture and Community Values

A “Culture of Service” must replace a “bootcamp mentality” in order to build trust in the City as a partner.  Today, whether you are a new business, a property owner, or a civic organization – everyone who contacts the City with a project does so with fear and trembling, wondering how they are going to be told “no” this time around!  Rather than the City being viewed as a helpful and friendly face, it is experienced as a child with a temper tantrum.  Someone in each department needs to function as an “Ombudsman” to help people through the process; creating a “one stop shop” experience.  In the end, people should view the City with pride as a trusted partner, not as an uncaring parent that results in our being in therapy for years to come.

How Can I Participate?

Join our monthly informal briefings by adding your name to the mailing list.  

Santa Barbara needs your voice. It needs your time, talent, and vision. 
Please join the conversation and get involved!


"While maintaining the city’s charms, we must remove the constraints that discourage investing in our future."


Dan Burnham
Granada Theater, Past Bd. Chair 

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"We need a new commitment to customer service from the City, one built on respect and partnership."


Richard Berti
Founder, Santa Barbara Leadership Team 

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