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Partnerships Bringing Life to Downtown

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The Common Table Foundation
The Common Table Foundation sponsors the "Common Table" projects which aim to bring people together for a common meal and conversation with your neighbor. Two of these events have been on State Street in the last year, and have attracted hundreds of participants. "No speeches, no politics, just get to know your neighbor" is the theme. There are now requests for Santa Barbara's Common Table to be replicated throughout the city, throughout the county, and in fact, throughout the country.

Downtown S.B. / The Arts:

The Downtown S.B. Business Organization has been promoting the central business district for years, but it now has a more expanded challenge - re-visioning the downtown as a destination venue for shopping, the arts, jazz entertainment, gourmet experiences, history, and environmental excellence.  The rebuilt Santa Barbara Art Museum, the rebuilt Granada and Ensemble Theaters, the new Arts Plaza on Anapamu Street, and the thriving art galleries that now grace every block, give new meaning the growing reputation of Santa Barbara as one of the "Arts Capitals of California.”

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Involving the New Generation

The Millennial Generation is now the largest spender of money in the stores and restaurants of Santa Barbara.  Over 1,000 new jobs in the high tech industries are moving to the central city area.  As such, every effort is being made to include a wide representation of people who are within that age range in the planning and execution of the rebuilding of the downtown core and its economy. 


"Can you do another Common Table dinner on State Street every week? It was the best business I’ve had since I opened."


Mollie Ahlstrand
Owner/Master Chef  Trattoria Mollie  

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