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News Stories

See below for our collection of relevant news articles, interviews and recordings from our past webinars

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Former Santa Barbara Councilman Randy Rowse Says Closing State Street Was Right Call - 08/19/20
Here’s another summary of the SBLT Weekly Forum webinar. This article covers our conversation with former Councilmember Randy Rowse. 

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Santa Barbara Architects Say Pandemic Serves as Opportunity to Reinvent Downtown - 08/12/20

We spoke with various stakeholders associated with the AIA Santa Barbara Chapter’s upcoming Design Charette. See the summary of our conversation here. 

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Downtown Santa Barbara Leaders Inspired by State Street Changes - 08/09/20

Read Noozhawk’s coverage of the SBLT’s discussion with Robin Elander & Bob Stout as we discussed the successes and pending challenges on State Street and beyond.

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Is Santa Barbara’s State Street Finally Turning the Corner? - 08/09/19

See Santa Barbara Independent’s Tyler Hayden’s detailed portrait of the painful dynamic between City Hall and local businesses.

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COVID-19 Could Send Local Residents Into Homelessness for First Time, Experts Say - 07/29/20


During the SBLT Weekly Forum SB ACT’s Jeff Shaffer & Barbara Andersen discuss COVID-19, homelessness in SB County and the efforts being made to mitigate the Public Health risks.

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Santa Barbara Housing Authority Proposes 103 Apartments on Downtown Parcel - 07/27/20

Read Noozhawk’s write-up on the proposed apartment complex at the corner of Castillo and Carrillo.

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City Hall: Winner and Loser of the Week - 07/26/19

Read Jerry Roberts’ thoughts on the the report form City Hall’s outside consultants.

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Santa Barbara’s Jason Harris to Recommend Date Extension for State Street Promenade - 07/08/20

New Economic Development Manager Jason Harris shares his opinions on the closure of State Street and issues surrounding COVID-19 impacted businesses.

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Santa Barbara’s Public Works Director Talks Transportation, De La Guerra Plaza and State Street - 06/24/20

Public Works Director Rebecca Bjork discusses current and possible City infrastructure projects with the Santa Barbara Leadership Team.

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Management of Paseo Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara Considering Housing, Hotel for Nordstrom Building - 06/17/20

Read Noozhawk’s write-up of our SBLT Weekly Webinar with representatives from Paseo Nuevo.

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Changes May Be Coming as Turmoil Engulfs Santa Barbara City Hall - 06/11/20

Here Noozhawk’s Josh Molina describes the boiling point the community has reached with the perceived lack of leadership in City Hall and Garden St.

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Santa Barbara Councilwoman Kristen Sneddon Says ‘Bring it On’ to Community Development Department - 06/03/20

Kristen Sneddon speaks to the SBLT Weekly Roundtable. See the summary of the conversation here.

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Santa Barbara Lifts the Lid on COVID - 05/22/20

As the shelter-in-place restrictions begin to loosen, Santa Barbara sees patrons return back to familiar State Street businesses.

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Santa Barbara City Council Allows Sidewalk, Curbside Dining, Closes Two Blocks of State Street - 05/19/20

Santa Barbara City Council has approved temporary street closures and curbside dining to assist struggling businesses.

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Making the Good Lion Roar Again - 05/14/20

Read about local business owners Brandon Ristaino & Misty Orman’s innovative efforts to navigate the COVID-19 challenges.

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Saving State Street by Closing It Off to Traffic? - 05/13/20

Santa Barbara Independent’s Nick Welsh writes on the possible closing of State Street to assist re-opening merchants and restaurants. 

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Saving State Street by Closing It Off to Traffic? - 05/13/20

Santa Barbara Independent’s Nick Welsh writes on the possible closing of State Street to assist re-opening merchants and restaurants. 

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A Grand Reopening? - 04/30/20

Here Montecito Journal’s Mitchell Kriegman lays out discussions surrounding re-opening Santa Barbara businesses.

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Santa Barbara’s Dire Pre-Existing Conditions and COVID-19 - 04/16/20

Read this article in the Montecito Journal discussing the relationship between City Hall and the Private Sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Amid Unprecedented Crisis, Santa Barbara's Recovery Requires "An Infrastructure of Hope" - 04/01/20

See Hal Conklin’s recent article on his 3-point plan to face the Coronavirus pandemic in Santa Barbara.

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Where is Roadmap to the City's Future? - 03/27/19 

Read Hal Conklin’s 2019 article on the dire need for a vision and economic plan in Santa Barbara.

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The Long Now of Santa Barbara - 03/05/20

This Montecito Journal article urges the need for a vision and sees a possible path forward via increased Downtown Housing.

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Build Economic Development Momentum With Tools, Teams, and Tactics - 03/01/20

This is a great article from the March 2020 Western City Magazine about how other cities are approaching the issue of economic revival.

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Jerry Roberts interviews Hal Conklin during 2017 Mayoral Candidacy - 08/29/17

Watch Hal Conklin’s TV interview with Jerry Roberts on the Newsmakers program.


Check out our recordings from past conversations we’ve had with leaders and stakeholders

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Downtown Design Charette - 08/12/20


Santa Barbara Leadership Team Forum

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Robin Elander & Bob Stout - 08/05/20


Santa Barbara Leadership Team Forum

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Jason Harris - 07/08/20


Santa Barbara Leadership Team Forum


See below for our collection of resources:

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Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts

Hosted by veteran journalist Jerry Roberts, presents candid conversation from Santa Barbara’s top reporters, editors and political leaders about the most important news events in our community.

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Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina

A platform for leaders, innovators, experts and interesting people to discuss their views on the most pressing issues of the day on the topics of business, housing, transportation and education.

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