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Reimagine a Vibrant City Center

Santa Barbara needs to proactively provide incentives to new businesses to establish a base downtown.  Retail as we have known it has ceased to exist, and cities that are re-inventing themselves are become destinations of unique character.  Santa Barbara is becoming a blend of entertainment, history, and high-tech industries sprinkled throughout traditional retail establishments. Partnering with our major colleges and universities, we may become well-known as the “Silicon Beach” of Central California.

The City Council should designate one or two blocks of downtown as a “Special Economic Revitalization Zone” for an experimental Public/Private Partnership Plan that includes mixed housing, street events, new businesses, and a pedestrian environment.  Downtown itself could be reborn as a series of “Micro Districts”, each with its own distinct personality, sense of adventure, respect for history, and a destination for cultural activities (much like the Funk Zone has become).  The City Council should authorize a series of “special zones and planning designs”, and give the area unique powers and freedoms that strengthen the future of downtown without diminishing its historical fabric.

For further information, click the following links to read or download our VISION STATEMENTS for the future of downtown Santa Barbara:

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10 / 2030 Plan for Revitalizing Santa Barbara

Our 10 point plan to bring significant change to our community by 2030

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The Downtown & Waterfront; Its Identity and Future
A survey of Santa Barbara’s history of transformations and what we can learn for the future

How Can I Participate?

Join our monthly informal briefings by adding your name to the mailing list.  

Santa Barbara needs your voice. It needs your time, talent, and vision. 
Please join the conversation and get involved!


"Gathering for food and music, Farmers Markets, dances; these will restore a vibrancy to State Street downtown."


Alison Hardey
Owner / Manager, Jeannine Restaurants 

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